Bunn VPR 12-cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

The Bunn VPR 12-cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer can brew 3-4/5 gallons of coffee per hour. It is a commercial-quality 12-cup coffee machine which is completely portable and requires no plumbing–just pour cold water in the top and coffee brews immediately.

You can also unscrew the spray head, leave the filter basket off and you can instantly have a couple of pots of very hot water available. This is great for making tea and other hot beverages.

The Bunn VPR 12-cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer features two separately controlled warmers so you can brew one batch while having a second ready to serve or for making both decaf and regular available to guests. It also has a shield next to the handle to deflect hot liquids away from the user’s hand to prevent injury in the event that the funnel is pulled out of the brewer before the end of the brew cycle.

Bunn VPR 12-cup Pourover Commercial Coffee BrewerThe only downside is that the decanters for this unit are sold separately.  The internal components are made from durable stainless steel, it has a stable stainless-steel base, simple to use controls, and an easy-to-clean design. The 1575-watt coffee brewer measures 8 by 16-1/5 by 20-2/3 inches and carries a two-year limited warranty.

The Bunn VPR 12-cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is designed to last a long time. It comes with a reamer to clean out calcium deposits from hard water in the stainless steel lines. It is designed to make coffee all day long without missing a beat.

It is an overkill if you just want to use it at home, but it will perform flawlessly in a busy environment.


  • Stainless-steel internal components; simple controls; easy to clean

  • Completely portable pour-over design requires no plumbing

  • 12-cup commercial coffee brewer with 2 separately controlled warmers

  • SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand for safety

What people are saying

“10 years later, the Bunn VPR is still going strong and has helped out at family events serving large groups of people (just what the machine is designed for!). Despite having water poured into the bottom heat plate (don’t try to pour water in without a carafe in place), it still works perfectly! but this simple unit does what I want – makes a good cup of hot coffee.”

“I have worked in the foodservice industry for years, and the Bunn has always been the standard by which commercial coffeemakers are judged. Years ago, I decided to buy the consumer version for my home, and although it served me well, it eventually wore out and I wanted something better and sprang for the VPR”

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 Where to buy

There are quite a few online shops and stores to buy from, but the reality is that you should only buy it from a reputable supplier where you will get the best discounts, bonuses and payment terms.

Amazon is by far the best choice. They offer money back guarantees, special discounts, and huge choice. I have found them to be very competitive and reliable, and excellent with their returns and support.

Click on this link to check out The Bunn VPR 12-cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer. It is a great coffee maker at a very competitive price.