Capresso Coffee Team GS Reviews and Highlights

Capresso Coffee Team The Capresso Coffee Team GS is a fully programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker/Conical Burr Grinder Combination.


The professional, solid-steel conical burrs have 5 grinder settings from coarse to fine for adjustable coffee strength.

The slow burr grinding in the Capresso Coffee Team imparts minimal heat, preserving more aroma and flavor. There is a 6-ounce capacity bean container and a see-through window that allows you to check that ground coffee flows smoothly into the filter holder.

There is a detachable see-through cover for easy cleaning of the grinder channel. The Digital Control Panel has an easy to read illuminated LCD display, Programmable Clock/Timer, 5 programmable brew amounts for 2-10 cups, and 3 programmable coffee strength settings; mild, medium and strong.

The Capresso Coffee Team uses Charcoal water filtration removes up to 82% of chlorine and other impurities from tap water. The filter holder and one charcoal filter are included. Features: 2-hour safety shut-off, Drip Stop and Stop-and-Serve. Non-stick coated warming plate. 900 watts, 200-degree brew temperature. Black with stainless steel accents.

The Capresso Coffee Team has two Mode settings: Grind/Brew – for grinding programmed amount of whole beans directly into the Gold Tone Filter, then automatically starts the brew process and Brew – push the filter release button to open the swing out filter holder, add ground coffee without using the grinder.

What people like about it


  • “The Coffee Team GS will brew from 2 to 10 cups automatically, grinding just the right amount of beans with no guesswork”

  • “Clean up is a breeze. The filter basket swings out and is easily washed”

  • “And because the grinding occurs in a separate chamber from the filter basket, there is no wasted coffee”

  • “This Capresso is well made, nicely packaged, and has all the features I want”

  • “It’s completely programmable. Not only can you set a start time, but you can associate specific settings with the programmed time that are not the same as the current settings”

  • “It cost quite a bit compared to some of the more popular models but, frankly, I’m convinced it’s worth the extra investment.”


  • “The grinder is loud.”

  •  “It doesn’t have a way to dump out the unused coffee beans”

  • “No cup warmer. A disappointment”


The Capresso Coffee Team is dearer than other products, but makes an excellent coffee. It is easy to operate and to clean, and certainly has the quality of a better coffee maker. For the discerning  who appreciate a truly good coffee, the Capresso Coffee Team is for them

Where to buy

There are quite a few online shops and stores to buy from, but the reality is that Amazon is by far the best choice. They offer money back guarantees, special discounts, free shipping, and huge choice. I have found Amazon to be very competitive and reliable, and excellent with their returns and support.

Click on this link to check out The specials on the Capresso Coffee Team 


The Capresso Coffee Team  is an easy to use, quality coffee maker, and a great addition to a modern kitchen. 



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