Keurig Rivo 500 Cappuccino & Latte System

Keurig RivoThe Keurig Rivo 500 combines the simplicity of a pod style coffee machine with the superb quality of Lavazza coffee. This coffee machine is a notch above your average your average pod style machines, and is designed to produce perfect cappuccinos and lattes. It froths the milk to perfection and the combination with the Lavazza taste makes it pretty awesome.

Keurig has gone the distance and created a winner. They have not compromised on quality so you get the crema you would expect from traditional good quality coffee machines and you also get the convenience of a disposable pod system. Create perfect espresso, cappuccino, latte and more at the touch of a button. You get authentic Italian espresso one side and perfectly frothed milk on the other.

What people are saying about the Keurig Rivo 500


Even though most Kcup machines mostly produce average coffee at best, the Keurig Rivo 500 doesn’t have this problem. There are only four capsules available for it, but they produce a consistent espresso shot. The latte-maker uses milk of your choice instead of the “fake powdered foam” of K-cup machines and the Starbucks machine.

The machine is dead-simple to clean: the latte container and equipment that touches the milk (stirrer and steam wand) slide off the machine and clean quickly. There’s nothing else to clean!

Capsules are readily available form Amazon, and make it very easy to restock.

Tried the espresso from this at a friend’s house. Great coffee and it was really easy to operate. Another good feature is the ability to make iced lattes, the frother can make cold forth too which is not available in Nespresso Lattissima Plus or Starbucks Verismo.

Amazingly easy to set up and use and the foam is just like the coffee shop. Great tasting latte and other espresso drinks can be made at home just when you want it, no more trips to the Starbucks, Peets…. just for the coffee. I am pleased with this purchase as I love lattes and other espresso drinks. Need to get some syrups to make the flavoured drinks.

It is very easy to clean the milk frother, just rinse it and clean in the top rack of dishwasher. The milk frother creates great quality foam (especially in the non-fat milk). Highly recommend this for espresso lovers.

I really enjoy the cappuccinos this machine makes, seriously you insert the espresso pod and pour in some milk and water, press two buttons and it’s done.. Also comes with 12 espresso pods which is great.

Having roasted tons of my own beans, and sipped tons of coffees flown in from all over the world I really love the Rivo, and I am very happy I bought it. My counter top machines are the Bunn mcu, bought on amazon and love it as well!!

The rivo is easy to setup, a breeze to clean, built with a quality you can feel. I’ve tested what Starbucks had to offer and had to pass. The Rivo is where it’s at. Small selection of simply awesome tasting espresso (even decaf and I never like decaf!). Not sure if there’s more to come but anything after what is already out is icing on the cake. Makes you an amateur a barista in a hit of two buttons.

Makes better espresso then my $800.00 super automatic yet is simple to use. This machine combines looks, quality, and a quality product at a affordable price. If you are seeking the ultimate espresso machine well maybe pass this up, but if your looking for ease, quality, great customizable taste, at an affordable price, buy a Rivo!

Highly recommend this Keurig if you are a latte or cappuccino fan. Quick simple set up. Quality espresso pods. Foaming mechanism is quiet and effective. Great to have a latte in my hand as I walk out the door

This is a great product. I’ve had it about a month, and I have not had any trouble (with moderate usage). The froth is perfect, and the espresso is good (though I’m not an expert). Very easy to keep clean. I am pleased with it and would do it over again!

I’ve had my Keurig Rivo 500 for 1 week & I promise this I’s the most amazing Coffee Machine that I’ve every owned & I’m a huge Coffee Lover. I can’t believe that it has been invented. It’s what I’ve always wanted but never been able to find


Needs an R-cup, similar to the K-cup, where you can use your own fresh ground coffee. I saw the discount on Amazon and ordered straight away. I got free shipping as well. I understand this is now available.

I tried this product out but ended up returning it. I couldn’t get the milk warm enough and the coffee just wasn’t very good.

 Where to buy

There are quite a few online shops and stores to buy from, but the reality is that you should only buy it from a reputable supplier where you will get the best discounts, bonuses and payment terms.

Amazon is by far the best choice. They offer money back guarantees, special discounts, and huge choice. I have found them to be very competitive and reliable, and excellent with their returns and support.

Click on this link to check out The Keurig Rivo 500. It is a great coffee maker at a very competitive price.



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